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  1. Dominoj
    Dominoj November 26, 2013 at 5:03 pm |

    This article is all about Dice the Electronic Arts owned company who is behind the Battlefield and Mirrors Edge game franchises. They also have created a extremely good looking game engine named Frostbite. The article talks about what life is like working at a game studio in Sweden. The developers had a pretty funny answer that was simply that the weather in Sweden makes makes it so working inside on a computer is great. The article also talks about how Dice’s games have grown in popularity. And how because of the great sales of their game their studio has been able to pros pure. They are even at the point where they seemingly have three teams working on games. Dice has been doing so well that they are now being given access to the Star Wars IP, which is a big deal because up until now all of the Star Wars games had been handled by Lucasarts. The size of Dice seems to be constantly growing they now have the Battlefield team, the Mirros Edge team, and the Star Wars Battlefront team.
    Dice looks like they are going to become a very strong studio and that they have a chance to become one of the big shots in the industry. But right now Battlefield 4 has come out and they are struggling a little bit. The development of the game was obviously rushed to beat their competitor Call of Duty to the market. This is apparent because of all the bugs the game has across all platforms. This may not be 100% Dices fault because their publisher is EA, and EA is notorious for pushing developers and shipping broken games. This is a problem that all developers have to deal with, but Dice has EA on their hands and that is about the worst problem a studio can have to deal with. So while all has seemed great for Dice, now they seem to have a bit of trouble on their hands. They have been dodging talking about the state of their game and it is causing some backlash. But this is just a small bump in the road one that can be overcome by some patching. Dice will most likely bounce back from this like nothing ever happened.


  2. Tyler KP
    Tyler KP April 22, 2014 at 2:45 pm |

    DICE. A game producing studio noted mostly for the Battlefield Franchise and the creators of the Frostbite engine (2). The Frostbite 3 engine, however, is to also power the upcoming game, Dragon Age 3: Inquisition (1), and looking at the graphics from Battlefield 4, it will be spectacular game. They are also from Sweden, which is most noted as a peaceful company with bad weather nine months out of twelve, making online gaming, weather on a PC or console, a very lucrative proposition. However, with the success of Battlefield 4, how is the next one in the line going to be able to compare? Also, with the advent of portable devices, how are standard video games going to look in the not so far future?
    In 2011, smartphones exceeded PC sales by almost 30 million (3). With more powerful portable devices coming into reality, the games have also become better. Games such as Dragon Age Heroes (4) look much like games from 2000, albeit with less of the game mechanics and more on the graphics side. However, the simplicity of the game makes them easy to learn and quick time users, such as when a person has extra time on his/her lunch break or on a train during commute. This reason is why so many big developers, like Electronic Arts, have begun to turn their attention to smart devices. Plus, in many other games, users can play with or against friends. This is also a reason why console games and standard video games have begun a slow decline as far as sales go. The standard console video game takes about eight hours to play, whether or not it is online. Most people no longer have time for such long games, which is why the games on smart devices have such appeal; most are based on short levels that may take a user ten minutes to complete, even if it is connected to a larger story. This makes it easier to put the game down. And also why game developers, like DICE and its parent company EA, have had to step up their “game” with better graphics and overall more “fun” to the players’ liking just to sell games, which makes creating a sequel ever harder because the sequel needs to top the previous game by huge margins to make it worth playing.
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