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  1. tylerkauffmann
    tylerkauffmann November 22, 2013 at 11:01 am |

    I found this article particularly interesting because of its direct relation to the college. The latest project of the Canisius College Video Institute, “1812: By Fire and Sword”, is an amazing example of the work produced by students here at Canisius. This project consists of two main components: a short narrative film and a virtual interactive exhibit for use in The War of 1812 exhibit in The Buffalo History Museum. Having these two parts showcases the diversity of the Digital Media Arts program and how much effort goes into creating a production of this magnitude. Not only are cinematographers required to produce the film aspect, but also programmers, graphic designers and 3D artists are needed to help create such a project that creatively and accurately represents The War of 1812 in such a way.
    The project in its entirety could quite possibly represent a new shift in the way we learn about history, or anything for that matter. In the digital era we live in, no longer is reading the only source of information. We can learn the same way we are entertained- through technology, film, and interactive art. And perhaps because of its media resembling that of entertainment media, we develop a greater desire to learn.
    Not only does this article describe the accomplishments of Canisius College Digital Media Art students, but it provides a primary example of how media is changing the way we learn. History does not have to be simply read in a boring textbook, but it can be lived out through actors, or portrayed through interactive art.

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