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  1. constabc
    constabc February 13, 2010 at 5:36 pm |

    I can understand what the writer is saying about games and not being art because they haven’t been around as long as movies or other genres that are currently considered art, but look at what makes up a game. Every character, every scene, every little thing that goes into a game is or can be considered individually a piece of art. It may not be the same as a painting or continue with a conventional definition of the word art, but almost everything in a game had to be thought up and constructed by someone. The biggest difference here I would have to say is that it is created in a computer rather than with a pen or paintbrush, but if the scenes or characters in a game were painted or drawn on paper or another form as such, wouldn’t that be considered art? Why wouldn’t a game be considered art? How is it any different from a movie other than the fact that it is interactive? It isn’t any different from a book in the sense that it still has characters and tells a story but you choose the story. It isn’t entirely different than a song because most games involve music scores and sound effects. If any of those things are considered art, why isn’t a game art?

  2. milnej
    milnej February 13, 2010 at 5:59 pm |

    Overall I believe that games are art. In the 70s when games were just coming to play I believe that they weren’t viewed as art, and many people didn’t know how they felt about them. Now games are played and enjoyed by many and they are more than just fun for children. Different games reach out to different demographics, people with disabilities, etc. For some people games allow them to get away from the real world for awhile and to just become immersed in their own virtual world. They have different effects for everyone. When I look at a painting I am viewing it as an outsider and I interpret it in my own way. If the painting pushes my emotions a certain way I can become immersed in it. That is the same for a game. When I am playing some RPGs I feel for the character(s) I’m playing as and I feel like I’m in the game. In many games that I play I enjoy being part of the world and the characters, and those 3D or 2D renderings I believe to be art. I feel that the audio is art as well. All of these creative and artistic aspects are put into games which I feel makes the game a piece of art itself. When looking at a game like Pong, I think maybe not so much, but games have different goals now, whereas Pong was probably created with different intentions. I agree with Chen that games have definitely come a long way.

  3. Tenika
    Tenika May 5, 2010 at 7:05 pm |

    GAMES are a FORM of art. The process of creating a game involves designers. Designers that make art. Some designers have a different way of creating games and their visual aspects. For some people playing video games allows them to put themselves into the actual game, therefore escaping the real world. Some people can put themselves in the virtual world of games and create a masterpiece by using their character and mastering the game. Others , take the wrong things from games. For example, the violent games can sometimes be a bad influence on people. However, No matter what type the game is, or the subject of the game, whoever created it is an artist. And whatever a artists creates is art in itself.

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