art gallery trip

We are planning a trip or two to an art gallery. Please let me know what you think and your times available. We are going to start small and go to bigger galleries. We will be discussing it tonight at Thursday nights at 6. Please come.

Professor Mariusz Dabrowski

The lecture from professor Mariusz Dabrowski happened earlier. It was a very interesting experience that gave me a new insight on art and photography. I thank all DMA majors who attended and for those who could not make it and wanted to come just either e-mail me, see me sometimeor our next meeting at 6, […]

Viewing Hall

Here members can place designs and projects you have completed.


We are currently working on our DMA logo! Please submit two logos by putting them on the “DMA logos” page.


DMAC meeting on Thursday, October 23 at 6:00pm. We meet every Thursday at 6.

DMA Logos

We are still designing logos! Please submit them as soon as possible by either putting them up in the DMA Logos page or by emailing me. Thanks.

DMA Club

Here we will place the Tutorials that will help better our skills.