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  1. Shamir Hunley
    Shamir Hunley December 2, 2014 at 1:42 pm |

    The article talks about how gaming is now seen as a “E-Sport”. People play in leagues for a chance to win prize money but the prize is not a small amount, some tournaments give out millions of dollars. These tournaments have gotten so large that the event sells out giant arenas and also have a huge in home audience. This is mainly because of video streaming such as twitch. As a gamer (not competitive) I feel that this is good because games don’t get the credit I feel they deserve. Many people today don’t think video games are a form of art or shouldn’t be taken seriously. This will all change because of the boom in exposure of the video game industry. What I liked about the article was how the author writes about these gamers. I feel he puts them in a spotlight which is good because there have never really been gaming celebrities. Movie stars, and musicians held the status of celebrity for a long time but now we will begin to see gamer celebrities.

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