DMA Program Purchased Unity3D Game Engine

In the Spring semester of 2009, the DMA program purchased Unity3D game engine, which will be utilized in DMA courses as soon as Fall Semester of 2009. With the help of the software, students will be able to create Real-Time 3D environments for games, many types of simulations, and interactive works of art. In Unity 3D projects can be published to both Mac and PC platforms as well as for the Wii game console and iPhone. The software will be installed in LY122 and on some computers in the DMA LAB. In the Fall semester of 2009 Unity 3D will be utilized in a course 3D Modeling, Texturing and Lighting and in Spring of 2010 in 3D Graphics for Electronic Games . If you are interested in getting a jump start at Unity 3D you can visit their web site, which includes many tutorials and interesting examples:

For more information about 3D related courses e-mail: P.J. Moskal at

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